Saturday, March 20, 2010

I did it again...

Yeah, I'm back. And that DSW $10 off of any purchase coupon haunted me for months. It resided in my wallet - just in case if I was near a store since January.

Of course, in January, I was looking for some cool boots (on sale, of course) and I either hit it too early (none on sale) or too late (all cool ones gone & only skanky ones left).

Then I went to Florida on vacation & got the sandal bug early for northeast Ohio in February. I even left my "vacation toes" later than usual to look for some neat sandals. I admit, I love looking for sandals when I'm wearing sandals - so easy to try on. After all - one must prepare for shoe shopping properly.

Don't you hate it when you are looking for cool flip flops & you're wearing lace up boots? Not cool. And God forbid, you actually find something you want to try on so you have to sit, un-stitch the boots and take off your socks. Now you either have marks on your feet (that are really white or red from the cold/no sun) or they're beat to hell from the winter. The most awesome pair of sandals will look terrible on the abominable snowman's feet.

So I left my vacation toes for awhile - searching for sandals. And guess what? I couldn't show off my tan & pedicured feet anywhere. You know all those boots I was looking for in January? They were all over the place in Feb & March (most skanky ones). And I refuse to put my vacationed toes in a pair of new boots out of principal.

I tried on a couple of shoes at different stores - even tried those fit-flops (my foot slid around on them and they were really squishy). My eye kept going towards the same pair of J-41's. Maybe that they're affiliated with Jeep made me always look - but they also look like my kind of shoes. I had just never tried them on before. I have a couple of pairs of Privos that look sorta like these - but these are WATER READY. Yes - not only are these cool, but I can wear these to the beach (won't).

So I justified the $ with the $10 off coupon & now I can't wait to wear these. My luck it is only going to be 50 degrees tomorrow.

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