Monday, March 21, 2011

My "number" part 2

5 days ago I let go my safety net - my beloved mattress of 11 years. My Linus' blanket. While it was time to say our good bye's - it was still hard watching 2 dudes throw it on the street on its end while a light rain sprinkled on it. And the left it there - in the rain, in the street - while they assembled my new bed of choice - the Sleep Number bed.

It seems really weird to me that something that looked really well to the eye was bad for my back. I know - 11 years is a good run for a mattress. And the reasonable part of me let it go to the street easily. But there is something about taking care of an expensive purchase the way I did. It had zero stains - unlike the mattresses you see on the side of the road with stains so big they look like a homicide happened on them. I always think " geez, that was in your house last night before you put in the trash - gross". But my clean and well kept mattress was just set on its side in the rain - like those gross ones left for the garbage man. The guys told me my mattress was in really nice shape & would be donated to charity. (um, get it out of the rain, then?).

The thought of a used mattress from me made me feel proud. Because I KNOW I'm clean, etc. The thought of someone else's mattress is gross, though. I guess a used mattress is better than none to those in need (so get it out of the rain!)

I've been in denial about my mattress for about 2 years now. That is about the time my job was eliminated and also when I found out I have arthritis in my back. Nice timing. Not exactly rushing out to spend $1,000 on something frivolous like a dumb mattress. But as time went by, my mindset changed about the job (we're doing just fine & don't have to hoard every penny) and my back worsened. Or should I say, my back felt like poo from that beloved mattress. Even the el=cheapo mattress at my parents' Florida condo had better results after tossing & turning all night. (It might actually be the salt water, too - it has a nice affect on me for feeling better).

I made the mistake of watching the show "Dirty Jobs" a while ago. Mike Rowe went out on really gross job: mattress removal. They picked up old mattresses & took them to a recycling center. (thought that part was cool). But they had to wear the white, chemical warfare suits all zipped from head to toe. And the mattresses they picked up are as gross as you can imagine. Stains, bed bugs - you name it. The thought makes me squirm. But the worst part was when they said that for every year a mattress is - there is a pound of dead skin/dust mites in it. AHHHHH! Ok - so you do the math. Again - gross.

So with this in mind and a worsening bad back - I purchased the Sleep Number bed. It allows me to change the firmness with air chambers. 5 nights ago was about the worst night ever for me sleeping. I know, I know - what? Yup - apparently I guessed the wrong number(s) for the softness/firmness. They say to try a number & stick with it for at least 3 days. No way - so I changed them the next night - worse. Ugh - now I'm really pissed and actually thinking I made a huge mistake. By night 3, we changed the numbers again - and finally I woke without a backache. The last couple of nights have been much better, too. I admit, my back hurts - but don't think the mattress is a cure to backaches - just won't ADD to them.

So now, my number is 60 on a scale of 0 - 100, soft to firm. Hopefully, my back will feel better & that I've found my "number".

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