Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My "number?

Tonight will be fun... because change is hard for me - and I have a new Sleep Number mattress.

You know – the kind of mattress you see in the mall with the remote controls. The beds that pump air into a chamber that goes up & down according to how hard or soft you like. The ones where you never see anyone in the stores, except maybe bored husbands trying to do something while their wives shop. Or where teenagers goof off laying in beds together.

Actually, I found that this is the store where they spend time with you listening to what you want in a mattress. And you can really test out these babies - because they give you your own personal cover for the pillow. I admit, I don't like trying mattresses out in front of people. I mean first, I don't lay in bed with a stranger staring at me. And I also don't normally sleep with jeans, etc. on - let alone shoes or with my purse. And the thought of putting my head down on their test pillow is about the same as using an airplane pillow.

So with my personal pillow cover and an hour later, I discovered it might be better to spend more $ on something already expensive. One of my worst fears is buying something like a new mattress and hating it 2 days later... and there goes $1k blown. Not exactly like taking back a pair of shoes to Kohls.

One of the appealing features of a Select Comfort mattress is that I can actually change my mind on how soft or firm the bed should be – by the mere press of a remote. And not only can I change my mind - but I can change it whenever I feel like it!

So the delivery & setup was today. They took my 11 year old beloved Original Mattress Factory mattress & box springs. So there's no turning back – off to play with the remote to find my "number".

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