Sunday, March 6, 2011

Newest Keens

A friend who just started her blog today made me realize I haven't posted in quite a while... so what more to talk about than one of my recent shoe finds...

The latest & greatest on the hunt for shoes was the find at a Dillards 40% sale last week. Normally, the shoes in these sales are for anyone with a size smaller than 8 - so I take these sales lightly. The stores look like a bomb hit them (otherwise known as the female shoe huntress). There are shoes all over the shoe department - left for the lowly shoe salespersons to pick up at the end of the day. I sincerely feel bad for the employees (although when I said this, one sales clerk told me it was job security - so maybe it isn't as bad as I think).

There are also typically shoe racks all over the shoe department - in sections of either brands or sizes. This sale didn't even have my size for a rack. Typical my sucky luck. These racks are so close together that when you DO find one to test out - you're fighting for space - either from other shoppers (who usually sprall out & take up the whole "aisle" or simply because they're so effing close together).

I scored at the Keen & Bjorn section - knowing many people haven't realized the fact that Keens are quite possible the best shoes ever. And I lucked out by find these in my size - so I ended up paying $22 for these bad boys. Yes, I know - they're black & teal - but who cares? They're a way better fit than my Chuck Taylors - and to be honest - I'm getting too old to wear crappy shoes that don't feel good. (but I still have my Chuck Taylors just in case there is a need to be cool when I may not need to walk) I know you know what I mean by "sitting shoes". Just sayin'.

Another bonus is the new Keens come with 2 pair of shoelaces - in black AND in teal. I know - how can I even decide? I kept the black laces in - so they're more of a "winter" shoe. Because these have canvas on 1 side & leather on another - I'm not sure if these are winter, fall or spring shoes. Oh well - they fit awesome & feel even better on. They're definitely not "sitting shoes" & one of my newest favorites!

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