Sunday, March 27, 2011

Number Schnumber...

12 days later & I'm not exactly looking forward to hanging out on my newest investment tonight (the sleep number bed).

I keep trying to tell myself - you'll get used to it - you'll be just fine. But it is getting worse. Here's why:

While I think I actually found "my number" (60), the rest of the bed has issues.
I really don't like that the bed is two air chamber thingies inside a layer of foam. It resembles having 2 Coleman air mattresses inside your mattress - with a hard foam lining around the sides. This is so each side can have its own number. The company advertises it is for couples with different mattress preferences. I found that I like a 60 & can actually sleep on my back - but only in that area. If I dare roll over towards the middle - I hit the foam wall, aka the steel beam. It is similar to what a king bed feels like in the middle - like 2 twin beds pushed together. Where they meet isn't where anyone would like to be - let alone sleep.

So if I want to sleep - I have to stay on that side of the bed. No sideways of the legs, etc. either. That damn hump causes sharp pains in my hip that pounds so bad it awakens me. Then I try to actually roll over the hump - onto the other side (set also at 60). This is ok, too - but I have to stay in that area for a no-pain sleep.

As my husband said - I might has well bought a twin bed. The dual chambered bed is NOT for a single person in the bed OR for anyone sleeping with someone touching. So this just sucks, as I have about 30% of my bed to use. Not cool for the hefty price. I could have bought the best at The Original Mattress Factory AND have enough left over to buy a flat screen tv for the room.

And speaking of tv... I like to watch it while in bed. And because of my room's layout - the tv is at the foot of the bed across the room. So if I want to watch it, I need to either sit up (doesn't last long for me) or lie kind of sideways with my head on one side & my feet at the other. So this can't happen now - because of the foam wall which is the exact placement of my hips. Which shoots pains up & down my legs. So to watch tv, I have to lie in bed like a corpse in a coffin & look through my toes. This lasts about 10 seconds & sucks.

So now I want to return the bed because it isn't for me at all. But everything I see on their 30 day free trial is exactly that... a 30 day trial. And today is day 12, not 30. I might as well pack it up & go get a new mattress set tomorrow & send it on day 30. But the guys who delivered it & set it up (and TOOK my beloved, but bad for me old mattress) also TOOK the boxes the new bed came in. Shit Shit Shit. Guess I'll have to go find some boxes to send them back in - which I will have to pay for - my guess is about $100. (which stinks as there is an effing STORE nearby). I will also not be refunded the $ spent on the original delivery & setup & removal.

An expensive lesson I guess... but with the crappy sleep I'm getting, it is something I'm willing to pay to fix. Blah.

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