Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spending $ to get $...

Today, a hole was burning in my pocket. Ok, not a real hole and not really in my pocket. It was in my wallet. You see, I had three coupons for DSW.

1. Double points.
If you sign up for their "club" or card, you receive points for every dollar you spend. In return for giving them your name and show spending habits, you will then receive a coupon for $ 10 in the month of your birthday. By the way, my coupon always sucks, as I usually want sandals f
or my Florida trip, and good luck with finding those in Cleveland in January. You also will receive coupons throughout the year - for every dollar you spend, you get so much back as in incentive to buy more. (like crack dealers... the first is free, etc.)

2. Said $10 coupon.
Off anything. period. Hard to go in there & not find something - at least go get some freebie socks or shoe polish. Of course, I think I've only done this once - it usually ends up going towards a pair of shoes.

3. $20 off $50 coupon.
Off anything, but you have to spend $50. It could be more than 1 item and it could also be used with another coupon. (score).

So I spent over an hour searching at the last DSW in the area for a deal. (the coupons all expire tomorrow). Yes, it is not that hard to spend that amount of time in a shoe store for me. Really. Especially with the quest of saving $.

I searched for boots for the end of season sale. Nope. Not even in the guys' section. (Women luck out as they can wear mens shoes - just in 2 sizes smaller). Strike 1.

I also searched in my husband's section for sales. Strike 2 - unless he really wanted a pair of duck shoes. (really, why make them in a mens size 12?)

I also searched along the womens rows & rows of shoes. You know the ones - where women walk s-l-o-w-l-y up and down the 3' walls of pure bliss. Back and forth. Up and down. You know what I me
an. Not much luck there, either.

So off to the sale racks I went... and of course, womens size 10 is all the waaaaay to the back, on the right. Whenever I go there, if there is anyone else over there, we kinda size each other up. Especially when I see a really skinny girl (ha haa - you have skis for feet, Ms. Perfect!). And no, MY feet are not big - they're perfectly sized & proportionate to my body. So there!

As I looked through all of the 4" come ef me pumps in size 10 (who wears these? Drag Queens with small feet?), I came across one of my most favorite shoes for the past year. Yes! Seriously, that NEVER happens to me. In my size, in the correct color and on sale! (and they fit!).

Side note: I KNOW I don't "need" a pair of green flats. And I KNOW I really don't have anything to wear with them... yet.

Now, these bad boys are normally $50 and on sale 30% off. I'll do the simple math: they're now $35. And with my $10 off, they're $25.

The dilemma was that I now had to find something for at least $15. So up & down I went. I even called my husband to let him know what they had in his size. (Yes, I CAN buy shoes for him, rare, but true). Nope - he didn't want anything. So now I'm trying on shoes I "could" use. Like sandals for an interview or a wedding. The only thing I really liked is a pair of Merrels - and I already have 2 like them. Dangit.

Ok, I know I could figure this out. So I checked out the socks. Blah. Then off to the wallets, etc. Nope. Not like I needed either, too. Ok, I KNOW I can find something else to buy to save $ - so I found a pair of flip-flops that were $15.95. I need a pair of cheap flip-flops like I need a hole in my head, but who cares?

At the register, I whipped out my 3 coupons. Double points. Check. $10 off anything. Check. And $20 off $50. Check.

Basically, I would have bought the $68 shoes for $25. And since I bought the hole-in-the-head-flip-flops, I got them for BOTH for $20. I just wish math was a simple as this when I was in school. Score!

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