Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stuff that bugs me, part 2 (or as my Dad says: "There's nothig worse than...")

Again - some random thoughts of stuff that bugs me:

People who smoke on their veranda on a cruise. You suck. Now there are smoke-free cruises - but am guessing it isn't enforced on verandas.

Neighbors that come home late at night blasting their car radio. Then they don't get out of their gangsta groovin' car quickly - oh noooo - they sit in their pimp cars & listen to the crap music longer.

The day before a weigh-in. It is like Ash Wednesday all year long.

It bugs me when I buy fruit & veggies and I have to prepare them always. And if not - they'll rot. And even if I do prepare them, they'll also rot unless I put them in individual containers for lunch. I hate throwing away food.

It ticks me off when I find egg remnants on the dish scrubbee thingy... especially if I didn't even eat eggs.

I can't stand it when someone chews, smacks, pops or cracks gum. A close second is someone who breaths really hard or makes strange noises - likes clears their throat 150 times a minute. I usually get this person sitting right next to me in class or behind me in church.

Speaking of church - people who say the rosary during mass annoy the crap out of me. You know who they are - they kneel - right behind me and "whisper" the words out loud - in my ear.

Not too much into people who cough or sneeze into their hands, then try to shake my hand, etc. Not cool.

I hate grocery store "self checkouts". Every time I use one I vow again to never use them again. And then I use them 5 months later because I have 4 things - that of which will cause an error & make me wait more time for an employee to help. These suck about as bad as the looks you get from the people in line behind you.

I can't stand going to the grocery store, Target or BJ's without my coupons. I'm not exactly a coupon queen - but I've been known to save loads of $ with them. And it kills me to pay full price for items that I know I have a coupon for sitting on the kitchen counter for.

I hate my birthday month. 3 weeks after Christmas means having to make up things I want for my birthday. Also - most people are dieting or "watching" what they're eating - what is the fun of a birthday without cake or booze?

The fact that stone crabs are really only cooked well in Florida bugs me... which means they're a once-a-year treat. dammit.

I hate that I can't eat a small piece of angel food cake - that if unattended, I could kill the whole thing... especially my Mom's cake w/ her icing.

I can't stand it when people are late. If you are late, then call. And if not - at least have the decency to apologize when you do get your late ass there.

Drinking from my coffee cup & it has gone cold. Now, I love a cold coffee drink - just not my hot coffee that got cold.

I can't stand hot pie or cake. Blame my parents on this one - warm or room temperature fruit is pretty crappy too - not to mention beer or wine. And the mere thought of warm milk almost gags me. I have to block it out of my head that "hot chocolate" is hot MILK.

I can't stand it when people think rules don't apply to them. Huge pet peeve - just jerks, plain & simple.

Tofu is about as nasty as they come. Hate it when a rogue piece from someone else's stir fry gets in mine at Mongolian BBQ. Scallops there, too are pretty bad - especially when you think you're eating a piece of chicken - and SURPRISE! you get a weird texture with a fishy taste.

It really bugs me that people assume I do nothing all day as a freelancer. While that may be true on sometimes, don't assume I just sit watching tv while eating bonbons. Did you see my shoveled driveway? Or my kick butt yard? If you did, you wouldn't think I was inside watching soap operas & Judge Judy all day. (OK, I do actually like Judge Judy).

And on the flip-side is that on the days I'm really busy with freelance work - it is assumed I'm available to watch your kid, make dinner, mow the lawn or have a 2 hour lunch. Some days I work harder and longer than if I was at an office.

And speaking of laundry - it would be nice if I did you laundry that the clothes be right side out. Socks rolled up like a donut suck. You know who you are - Mr. Donut Sock! (but I'll still do your laundry any way. :)

Gee - I guess a lot of stuff bugs me - and these are just as I'm typing. I guess one of the biggest things that bugs me is: that things bug me. Must work on that, while I go get the laundry & unroll the donuts in the dryer.

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