Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Things that bug me...

If you read this - then chances are you know me. And chances are you know that many things bug me. Some days I'm reminded on the MANY things that bug me. Here are a few that I either encountered or remembered today:

It totally bugs me when people don't return phone calls. It is simply lazy or rude - and yes, it makes me feel as bad as you intend.

I bugs me that said people not returning phone calls are clearly busy with themselves - really important things like Facebook. I just guessed that if they had the time to post crap online all day, then they'd have the time to return a few phone calls, too? Guess not.

I can't stand bad dog owners. You know who they are - the ones who can't control their dogs on a leash (and when the dog acts bad they act all dumb as if it is the first time - when it is a daily thing). I also can't stand the same people who don't walk their dogs - but just tie up the dog in the yard. (no wonder the dog is bad on a leash). These are the same buttholes who let their dogs poop and pee in my yard. Don't even get me going on that one.

It bugs me that we have a squirrel that has discovered the free food-fest in front of our home - aka the bird feeders. These are really not for the birds - but for the pure entertainment of the cats to watch in the window... not to watch Jabba the Hut Squirrel making a pig of himself on my expensive sunflower seeds.

It really bugs me that neighbors don't see the same things that the rest of the world can see. Like a broken gate that has been hanging off the hinges for a year. Or the snowblower that is in the driveway for months. Or the flat tire(s) on your expired plates car in your driveway. Seriously - if you are that lazy/dumb/ignorant/fill in the blank bad description here - then move to the country on 10 acres of land and call it the junk yard that it really is.

OK - vented enough for today - sure there will be more to come... :)

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