Friday, April 22, 2011

And you're outa here!..

One of the shortest relationships I'll ever have... 38 days with a major purchase. Sorry Sleep Comfort mattress - see ya. The delivery guys came today at 5:35 (my time slot was 2:00 - 6:00). Murphy's Law that it was at the end of the day since I was home waiting...

It took me 10 trips from the bedroom closet to the dining room - so the pickup guys were in & out in 5 minutes. One final signature saying that they didn't destroy my house & they were gone with it. I reassured myself by asking that they'd box up the mattress - their answer was "we'll put in the leftover boxes from all the deliveries from today".

I'm sure there is a person from today who bought their new mattress and will want to return it in about 38 days without a box. I swear it is a scam - but it is finally gone. Now the waiting game to get the $ returned to my credit card. This might not be the end of my story... let's sure hope so.

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