Monday, April 25, 2011

Cooopon or Quepons

I know that coupons are the new thing - but I've been using them ever since I bought my own condo & had "rich paychecks" and "poor paychecks". If you've ever been paid twice a month, then you can figure out what I mean.

In the days of poor paychecks - where it seems everything goes right to bills, etc., coupons come in handy. Not just an Entertainment coupon for a restaurant (many are bogos) - but also coupons for groceries & toiletries.

By the way, the term, "bogo" is old for me, because I've used it for years designing coupons for my job. b2g2 & b2g1 are also industry standards - buy 2 get 2, and so on. Pretty sure you can thank Payless Shoes for making the term bogo common. (or at least that is the first that I remember noticing it going mainstream).

Anywho - coupons are really useful when you see something new & it might sway you to make a purchase - like Cheese Nips - vs - Cheese Its. I'd be willing to buy the one on sale normally - or the one with a coupon - and lately - the one that is on sale WITH a coupon. Yes, I've gotten smart & buy mostly things on sale with my coupons.

Our local grocery store doubles coupons up to a dollar. So the best coupons are the the 75 cent ones that are equal to $1.50 - which now gives me more incentive to buy... especially when the item goes on sale for about $2. My usuals are salad dressing, bbq sauce, hot sauce, deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo and cereal. Most of these are free or very close. And most of these have a long shelf life, so I can stock up. (these come in handy during those poor paychecks during the month - or in my case, poor paychecks for the last 2 years - but that is another story).

There have been some new shows on lately about extreme couponing - but if you ask me, these are really shows about shop-a-holics & hoarders. I admit, it gives me real pleasure in getting something for cheap - but these people are addicts. I just don't see how someone needs 200 candy bars or 54 bags of croutons. Most of these people have either large families (so I can sort of forgive them) or they're really fat. I think their diet of candy bars & croutons has something to do with it.

I do, however, understand why you'd buy 54 deodorants - as some of the people donated them - so that is ok. I don't understand making a house into a mini BJ's stocked with 400 years worth of deodorant, though.

This brings me to $ off gas - our grocery store gives you $ off for $ spent. So we had $1.40 off per gallon today. They only allow up to 30 gallons and only in 1 vehicle. The gas nazi's will turn off the pump if they see you trying to put gas in more than 1 car - so we have learned to block the view of the nazi with my Jeep so my husband can pump gas in his car. Then we pull the hose over across the island into my Jeep. And afterwards we fill the 2 cans for the lawnmower. I have no pride when saving $1.40 a gallon when gas hit $3.99 today.

Then, off to BJ's for more saving. They send us coupons that are only for BJ's. But a friend told me years ago we can use 2 more manufacturer's coupons WITH the BJ coupon. Score! Today's best deal was a BJ coupon for a free tub of Mr. Clean magic erasers with a purchase of paper towels. Not only did I use that free coupon, I had a coupon for the paper towels AND the magic erasers. I know, it isn't free candy bars or croutons, but it is pretty close.

Oh, I pronounce them cooooopons. And we saved about $45 on gas AND over $45 at BJ's. Not bad at all - and we didn't get any candy bars or croutons.

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