Monday, April 4, 2011

I've got your "number"... about $250 down the drain

The Sleep Number saga continues.
After calling the company, they INSIST on a 30-day "free trial". Or in other words, I'm stuck with the effing bed for 30 days and THEN I can return it. I will be reimbursed the full amount, minus the shipping, delivery & setup fee ($139) AND I will have to pay to have it shipped back. My best guess it will be another $100-$200 to ship that damn thing out of here.

They make you wait because they insist it takes days to get used to the bed and to try and find your "number". Well - my number is 60. But the bed just isn't worth $1900. The thought of it being able to change with me was a real plus. But after trying it for 18 nights - it isn't worth keeping. Even with losing some $ to return it, I felt it was best to get rid of it & try another mattress. By the way, the amount spent was highly analyzed by me. I DID my research. I don't blow cash like that on a whim - so I really wanted it to work. If you really think about how much time we spend in our beds, we should spend good $ on them. I figured it was a good investment. But it really was a good lesson learned.

This past weekend, I bought a new Original Mattress Factory mattress. The same style/quality of the one I had taken out 18 days ago. I originally thought of keeping the base from Sleep Number - as it is a great base. Or as my Dad says "it can hold an elephant". However, it is exactly that - a base. And not a box spring. So this morning, a new set was delivered. The difference this time is I bought a 1 piece box spring. It should be more sturdy than my old, split ones. I also didn't buy the low profile box spring. The difference is about 2 inches more off the ground - but we're both tall - not like I need to make a running jump to get on the bed or anything. Plus, nothing a King sized comforter won't fix on a Queen sized bed. (already have).

We tore down the old bed & packed it in some purchased boxes. The bed to return back is in my closet - waiting for boxes from either Uhaul or UPS. Not sure HOW I'm going to get everything boxed AND sent back... but anything to get that thing out of the closet & most of my $ back.

I spent last night on the hide-a-bed. Not fun at all - so I'm really looking forward to my new bed tonight & hopefully a long relationship with it. Bottom line, go with your gut instinct & go with the sure thing. Ironically, the day we decided to just buy a new mattress to replace the Sleep Number bed, is the day my "Sleep Number InnerCircle" info arrived in the mail.

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