Tuesday, April 19, 2011

T minus 3 days & counting...

Only 3 more days with my Sleep Comfort bed. No, no, don't be sad - as it is taking up precious space in my walk in closet right now. It is in 3 boxes that I bought at Lowes. And to make it fit to mail back would take about 5 more - and God knows where I'd find the specific size(s).

From my previous posts on my "number" - you know by now that I've given up the dream of being a lover of the Sleep Number bed. I really, really wanted it to work. I figured it was something worth the extra $, but it isn't. At least for me.

On day 30, I was able to call for a return number from them. The Sleep Number customer service took about 10 minutes to "get through" on day 10. (we had officially given up then). And that is when they told us we HAD to wait for 30 days for our "30 day trial". But this time it took only a couple of minutes of waiting. What you hear from them while doing so is how to adjust your bed. Obviously, this is an issue for many people.

When I spoke to a customer service rep., they did their best to get me to keep the bed. I had to tell her why I was unsatisfied - which is the bar from hell (see previous posts). I embellished my story by throwing my husband under the bus - about how we couldn't sleep with the bar between us and that our numbers were far off from each other. (I admit I had read that on the complaints online). The difference in levels is a huge issue amongst couples with a level problem. Or as they called it " the snuggler's conflict". A: you can't sleep "together" or on the bar. B: if one side is soft & the other is hard, then there is a huge difference on the elevation of the bed from side to side.

I was offered a "fix" to the bar problem. She said they don't address it in the stores & that this new zipper thingy would solve the bar in the middle of my back problem. (no). So the next issue we had was the difference of elevation - and the magically offer a solution to this, too. My guess is they raise the lower/softer side up to meet the higher/harder side. (no). Of course, these were not free, but they offered this to me and it would not go against my 30 day trial. (no). I basically had to be a (nice) but hard ass and say "I've been married 7 years & would like to be married for 7 more - and with this bed, we've been fighting". (yeah, I know I'm a good liar).

So my options to return the said bed in my closet are:
A: find some boxes & send it via Fed-Ex or UPS. Good luck finding some boxes that this effing thing fits in - and THEN I had to get it to a Fed-Ex shipping place - and THEN pay for shipping.
B: have Sleep Comfort email me pre-paid shipping labels. She said it typically is 5-7 labels at $29.99 each. Oh, and I'd have to find the boxes and get them to a Fed-Ex
(double no)
C: pay for their guys to disassemble the bed & pack it up & take it out of here - and ship it back. (no brainer)

They called & they're coming this Friday. I was asked to make a clear path (check) and remove all linens (check). The lucky dudes will simply have to pack it up - as it'll be sitting on my dining room table - waiting to be given to charity by Sleep Number.

So, the moral of the story is: go with the sure thing. Oh, and don't buy a Sleep Number bed.

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