Thursday, April 28, 2011


Tomorrow is a big day... Yes, you guessed it - Kate & William are getting finally hitched. I know, I can't help myself - but I have always been fascinated by the English royal family. I have no idea why - but the thought of a King & Queen is pretty cool. Americans just don't have these - unless you can call Aretha Franklin the Queen of Soul or Elvis the King. Not the same.

I don't really get "into" weddings, either. In fact, every day weddings bore me & I think they're a racket. I can't stand "bridezillas" and women pretending to be a princess or queen for a day. It literally gags me. And before you judge me & think I'm a jerk the way I feel about every day weddings, know that I take weddings very serious. They're not a show and you're no princess - so get over yourself.

So I have no idea where my excitement for the royal wedding(s) come from. Maybe because they're so far out of reach - almost make believe? Real people being real jerks and spending real money are a bore & foolish. But a "commoner" becoming a princess is pretty cool.

I remember watching the wedding of Diana & Charles 30 years ago. I was part of the 750 million that witnessed it live on American tv. I was in junior high and watched it in Wisconsin with my grandma. And like everyone else in the world, we thought it was enchanting & wanted it to be an everlasting love.

Don't mistake me for a weirdo that has a Princess Diana plate or the William & Kate refrigerator cover - I have neither. The only English thing I have is my husband's family name. But because I can, I'll be up at 4:00 a.m. watching the BBC live tomorrow to see everything and take it all in. Call me a nerd or a hopeless romantic that believes people stay married forever - maybe all of the above. But I will be one of the possible 2 billion people watching the wedding of the decade live in my jammies. Here's hoping they live happily ever after...

*note: the image of William & Kate is from all over the internet - I just love the picture & have "borrowed" it for my personal blog - so don't come after me as the image police.

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