Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ruts & snakes, oh my!

NEOhio has had craptactular weather this spring. By now, our yard is totally "done" for the season... meaning the shrubs are trimmed, the beds are cleaned & the edges dug. The grass is edged and mulch is spread & lastly, flowers in pots are planted. (phew)

But here it is, almost 3 weeks into May and I've done all the beds & edging. But because of the rain we've had, it has been either too wet or cold for the mulch. I rushed out and cut the beds with really nice edges and gave all the shrubs nice haircuts. But it seems that in the last month, everything has grown back like a forest. And the grass has never been more green & lush (minus the bald spot where the jerk neighbors let their dogs pee).

We have exactly 48 hours of decent weather in between weeks of rain. So I mowed the lawn today, hoping to trim the shrubs tomorrow. Our sweet peat (mulch) has already been postponed once, and is scheduled for next week. The shrubs need another major haircut - so that will be on the agenda tomorrow.

While mowing the lawn, I made some ruts in the wet areas. Crap. Might as well mowed a bog. So now I have two areas with muddy ruts. dammit.

And in the front of the house, I noticed a really big worm in the grass. So I kinda touched it with my shoe to get it to go away. Not a worm, dummy. It was an effing snake. (my number 1 icky thing, ever). It didn't move, so I thought it was playing dead. (do they do that?). This one was doing it really well, so well that it was really dead - I think. I pushed it away so I could mow that area & afterwards noticed it was still there. The mere thought of it laying upside down in my lawn just gave me the heebee jeebies. So I had to "dispose" of it, somehow.

I had to use the blower to get rid of the humongous amount of grass in the street/sidewalk, so ingenious me used the blower to "encourage" it over to the neighbor's lawn. Don't tell them, ok?

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