Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I'm tired of them.

I was raised to never pick on any one (except my family - that's different).
Bullying was around when I was a kid - and everyone growing up in the 70's & 80's knew of a bully at school or in the neighborhood.

Push the clock forward, decades forward. The term bullying is now all over the news today. And with technology, I truly believe there are even more ways today to pick on someone. So hard that they make their life a living hell. In some cases, the victims take their own lives due to public embarrassment, harassment and cruelty.

This is what kids have to deal with - and it is another reason why I'm glad I'm not a parent. My mom always said there was nothing worse than her kids hurting... either a black eye, a bad grade, a broken heart or a bully.

I was picked on as a kid - probably my typical share. I was a big kid, so I've heard it all - fatty, tubalard, hippo, blah blah blah. And of course, all of those hurt. I even pounded a kid 3 years older than me after school because I had simply had it with his teasing. Not to me, but to my older brother. Grade school bus trips home are one of the worst things you can put a kid through. Especially with a bigger and older kid constantly picking on you or your brother.

I believe today that I pound the crap out of this kid because he was bully. I had allowed it to happen and wanted it stopped. For good. I'm sure it did after I got off his bus stop that day. I don't remember him bugging my brother or me after I had showed him he needed to stop.

As cute as my story is that I pounded the crap out of a fourth grade kid when I was in first grade - it demonstrates at a young age my need for justice. It seemed that my friends growing up were the tiny kids. Mutt & Jeff, if you will. Maybe I learned I could befriend smaller friends in my grade that needed my "protection"? I just know no one bugged them when I was around. My mere presence was enough, back then. Maybe back then, I knew I could protect my smaller, pipsqueak friends from those that habitually picked on the weak.

As a grown up - it is no different. But as adults bullying, it gets really mean and vicious. I have been dealing with the neighborhood bully for years now. And reality is, I just was to co-exist. Simply, leave me alone - and better yet - leave everyone alone.

It is hard to tolerate a grown man that bullies women with his lies and actions. A ten year old witnessed it with her parents this summer. And she said called him a mean bully. She aid he was being that way to make us feel bad - so he would feel better.

If a ten year old can see this - then you know the intimidation from the bully is obvious.

I'm super great at standing my ground. Speaking up for what is right. Standing up to help someone is pretty easy. But now the bully has targeted his intimidation. He continues to pick and pick and pick. He won't leave things go. Just to prove a point. He runs to anyone with authority to "tell". Stretching the truth so bad it is a huge lie. And in the crossfire are neighbors, employees, men & women - even kids. It doesn't matter to him. He won't stop until he gets his way. When trying to represent his side, he grinds others down to silence. And silence appears to be forfeiting and a surrender.

So me, the one that stands up for what is right. The one that won't let the little guy get picked on. The one that beat up a fourth grader because someone had to do it. Is the same one that is better than this bully in the neighborhood. I will turn the other way and watch it happen from now on - because he's turned his focus on me.

I'm tired of it - and I wish grown ups could settle issues school kids on the bus. If so, he'd have his ass pounded by now.

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