Thursday, July 28, 2011

My pool spots

Let's face it - we're creatures of habit. And we have our favorite spots. Not particular places, but a particular spot there.
One of my favorite places IS at the pool, but I have an actual spot there, too. It isn't a complete pool day unless I'm in my spot. And ever since I went to our pool, I've always sat in the same place. There is much to consider for my spot.

1. It is at the deep end, therefore away from most families & the little kids. The shallow end is the place to be if you can't swim or love Marco Polo... which is why I'm at the other end of the pool.
2. I'm in the corner, facing the pool. This way, I can watch all the action AND move with the sun on the 4 hour stays at the pool.

Everyone who goes to the pool knows we sit there. Once a jerk tried to get under our skin & beat us there early and sat there. So we just moved our lounge chairs right in front of him - and blocked his sun. He never did it again.

And once in a while when I visit the pool later in the day (the night crew/closers are there, then) - and sometimes a couple is in our chairs. The even acknowledged they were in "our" chairs. As if they had been caught or something. (or that the jerk told them we'd sit on top of them & block sun).

Ok - so I like to get to the pool early. To get my spot. Not only do I do this at my pool – I do it at my parents' pool half an hour away, as well as in Florida. My parents also have their spot - and ironically, it is at the deep end, at the corner. hmmmmm. I've been known to stake out my claim very early at resorts and on cruises, too.

When visiting Florida, it is my job to set up our spot at the pool. It opens at 9:00 and you'll know what time it is by seeing me put towels out on our chairs. We even have a name for someone else taking our chairs: being red toweled. Years ago, a couple (with red towels) also proclaimed their spot in OUR spot. So we started going to the pool at 8:53. You get the idea. (By the way, the couple no longer has red towels or takes our spot - they have their OWN - right up against the building).

I'm clearly not the only one with my spot at our pool, though. Neighbors that also practically live at the pool, have their own spot, too. Their 9 year old daughter said she hoped no one took their spot this week – and I promised I'd do my best to keep them safe. I guess I'll have to get some extra red towels.

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