Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Getting stung...

Today I was stung by a bee and/or hornet, or something type of stinging bee thingy.

I've been surrounded by bumblebees all pool season (they don't sting). I swear they come up to me and my pool towel thinking I was a huge flower. Then, they'd buzz near my ear - just to remind me I'm in their space (not the other way around).

As a kid, I used to PICK UP BEES with my friend, Grant. No kidding. Pretty sure I got stung plenty of times - no big deal, though. Even as a kid, my tolerance of pain must have been pretty good - because Mom would put ice on the sting, then toothpaste. Ok, I'm not positive I'd get toothpaste on bee stings, at least I'd get them on
mosquito bites. (after a couple of days in up-state Wisconsin during the summer, I'd be a walking tube of Colgate).

I also remember getting stung by a bee/hornet/etc. in high school while mowing the lawn. It made me queasy. Guess all of that picking up bees didn't build up my tolerance for bee sting poison, after all.

In college, I was stung by a brown recluse spider. That damn near made me pass out. It involved a trip to the freebie college infirmary that ended up with some antibiotics and a lotion to coat my arm in. I was told then I'd probably have to get that epi-pen thingy or the medicine to carry around in case of stings. (I didn't).

Move forward a couple of decades, and I'm pretty sure I've been stung since by another bee/hornet/etc. but didn't have the bad reaction. Last year - pretty sure I had a bad run in with a spider that left a nasty ring of poison on my arm. It felt like the brown recluse years before. It hurt for days, but that is all.

Today, at the pool - a kamikaze bee took his life by placing his stinger right under my left arm. Dangit - as soon as it happened, I knew exactly what had happened. I admit, a part of me worried I'd have to be hauled up the hill by ambulance because my heart would stop. (it didn't) or my throat would close in (it also didn't). Minutes later, I saw the bee fall out of my swim cover-up to the ground. So in its final minutes of life, it a) went under my cover-up, b) got pissed & stung me and c) hung out in my cover-up until it died falling to the ground. It wasn't worth it bee, now was it?

So, under my left arm - about 2 inches from my arm pit is now a huge bump - about the size of Rhode Island. And it feels as if there is still a stinger in there (pretty sure it isn't). And every time I move my arm, it hurts. (not like I USE my arm or anything). I'm beginning to think my tolerance for getting stung is stronger, but my tolerance for pain is getting worse. Stupid, jerk bee.