Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Unanswered prayers

I met a friend when he was just a college kid as our intern. Throughout the years, we watched this "kid" grow from intern to a professional that eventually kept me afloat with work.

Everyone knows this guy - the one that you want to find the right girl and settle down. He kept his private life to himself, but us girls at work always wanted the best for him.

He eventually told us he had met the love of his life and he was super happy. Everyone knows a woman waiting for you at home makes you happy.

My husband and I attended their wedding - a traditional, Catholic wedding where the bride is glowing and so his her groom. Great food, too. 

We knew that the next step for our friend was to create a family with his new wife. Us girls at work could not have picked a better mate for our friend - and would one day, we all knew they'd make super parents.

Their way of telling us their news of a little one on the way was a picture of the two of them, on steps - with an addition of little shoes next to them. Everyone who knows this couple was cheering for them and excited about the pregnancy.

They finally had a baby boy this past week. I was thrilled for both of them when I rec'd the news early on Sunday morning. I thought to myself - I've been praying for both mom and baby for almost a year now.

One picture of their son was shared - but only that one. I put the unthinkable in the back of my mind with the clues that something might be wrong. And today, they shared they lost their son.

My husband and I chose not to become parents. I have always felt parenthood is a privilege and for those that ache and desire children. My friends did - yet their baby is now an angel.

So many unwanted pregnancies and yet this happens. My mom would say "it wasn't meant to be - or something was wrong". Only God knows and I hope my friends can grieve their loss and soon will try again to have their well-deserved family.

Sometimes unanswered prayers are God's greatest gifts - but they don't seem that way today. Be kind to others, as they may be angels unaware, like their son.