Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hurry up and wait

I did it again. I hurried up and decorated for Christmas.
Even with something fun like Christmas decorations, there are "rules". I have to wait AFTER Thanksgiving to decorate the house, per my other half. Geez.

1.Clean the house. No one wants to see a nicely decorated house that is dusty.

2. Outside lights go up on any day that is sunny and over 50 degrees during the month of November. Sorry, Homeowner's Association - I don't care about your dumb rule they can only go up a month before Christmas. I'm not a loser. I don't turn on the lights until Thanksgiving night. And I don't like a runny nose & frozen fingers putting up lights in the snow. (by the way, I put up our lights extra early. Insert "me sticking out tongue at HOA" here)

3. Husband brings up the bins that contain our decorations from the basement. I take down the every day stuff, empty the Christmas bins' contents & stash it in the dining room, then fill them back up with every day stuff. He then takes down the filled bins. Repeat about 29 times.

4. There is a method to my madness. Everything has a place. And sometimes I do change my mind. Usually with something new, or that it is very intriguing to one of our 3 cats. (Why my Green Bay Packers tree is up high, and why my Grandma's ornaments are up high AND behind glass)

5. This process takes time, even though my husband HATES the house while half empty and half full of Christmas chatzkies, er, treasures.

6. The small tree goes up after all of the chatzkies are up. It's the fun, skinny tree with a wood tree trunk in the family room's corner. It displays small ornaments from travel to my sets from childhood. Color LED lights are very appropriate.

7. The large tree goes up last. It fits nicely in the living room after we move the couch. We've mastered the process here, too. This one takes time, so it deserves it's own list.
a. Steam clean the carpet about a week before.
b. Move the furniture in their precise new locations.
c. Husband sets up (very expensive, but 50% off "lifelike" tree) and leaves.
d. I then take at least an hour to POOF. If you have a "lifelike" tree, you know what POOFING is. If you like to kill trees yearly, you have your own issues like pine needles, instead.
e. About a kazillion, colored, MATCHING LED lights are thoughtfully put on.
f. Another matching humungo set of LED, but larger lights go the opposite direction around the tree. (thank you, Martha Stewart for this trick).
g. Display about a million ornaments from travel, collecting and childhood. Why, yes, I do have a homemade Cookie Monster ornament! Don't you?

8. Enjoy. Try to have visitors over so you can show off everything. If not, the lights are great night lights and make our house very nice for the next month.

9. Take down sometime after New Year's, but before January 16. (Husband's other rule). Repeat, in vice versa order.