Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I am not a buyer-shopper. I also am not an impulse buyer. The last article of clothing I bought on impulse was over 15 years ago.  I still have my neon yellow yacht rain coat - and even though it needs to be retired, it isn't.

That "I just have to have it, no matter how much it is" thought simply doesn't usually hit my brain until AFTER I leave the store. I can't ever remember being a shopper that buys immediately. Maybe when I was a kid - I'd get something in my head that I just couldn't live without (Six Million Dollar Man doll comes to mind).

Eventually, the idea of owning it would go away:
1. lack of funds
2. not owning transportation to go buy it
3. not being smart enough to hide it from anyone IF I did manage #'s 1 & 2
4. "because I said 'NO!'" from mom or dad.

Now that I do have enough $ to make my own purchases and a vehicle to get me to the mall, I still have issues with buying-shopping. I'd like to say I'm an analytical buyer. aka, I analyze just about everything I buy, from vehicles to a new yogurt on sale.

Don't mistake me from someone who doesn't like to shop. I actually do love to shop. I just don't BUY when I shop. I'm the person that sales people hate. My response is the same - "just checking stuff out". Which really means, "leave me alone, pixie. I will call you over if I need you". 

I'm a looker. Sometimes I find myself just going up and down Target's seasonal aisle - simply because I like to LOOK at stuff. I don't need anything - just looking. And if I haven't been out to stores in a while - don't rush me, either.

I'm the same person that likes to go up and down every aisle at DSW, even though I own enough shoes to last my lifetime. And once in a while, I actually find something I want. 

Let's face it - I'm a girl and shoes are great. And I LOVE to try shoes on when I'm in the mood - especially in February with tan feet. (but only at try-them-on- yourself-stores - I hate having to wait for a shoe salesman - but that's another post). Why yes, you, the rice-colored skin teenager staring at me trying on sandals, my feet ARE tan and so is the rest of me. Damn, sandals really do look better with tan feet.

I went to the back of the store where all the deals are. I know where my size is and I don't like it when someone else is in my aisle. Go away - you keep getting in my space, lady.

And there they were - the shoes I wanted last fall, but didn't buy because they were $90. I simply won't justify $90 for sandals. I saw them in the latest Eddie Bauer catalog and was reminded of how cool they are - just in time for Spring. But the $90 made me turn the other way. Until last week. DSW's price was $80 on sale... 80% off. So I tried them on (with a bunch of other wedge sandals on sale, because hey, why not? My shoes were already off and don't forget my feet are tan!).

I loved them. And I also had a $10 off coupon burning a hole in my pocket. Let's see... $80 @ 80% off + $10 off = $6+tax. And you know what? I walked out without those shoes. I'm pathetic. I couldn't justify $6 shoes. But I went online & read reviews on the shoes and wanted to see if $6 really was a deal. (of course it is). 

So, after sleeping on it for a couple of days - I spent $3.75 a gallon to drive back to the store to retrieve my deal. I have no idea when I'll be able to wear them, as it is snowing today. (but at least my feet are still tan)

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