Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The worst

My dad has many sayings or "dadisms". And one of them is "there's nothing worse than" (insert something bad here). Not to take away from his special saying, I am listing some of the things that are the worst. In no special order. List may be altered at any time or mood.

1. jerk neighbors
2. a flat tire - or even worse: flat tires
3. biting your lip, then biting it a kazillion times in the same spot
4. the smell of worms
5. finding a hair in your food
6. finding a hair in your mouth that was once in your food
7. stubbing your toe
8. gum smackers
9. not studying for a test or that feeling you get when you bomb an interview
10. getting caught not knowing the words of something. ie. saying the wrong response in church
11. your newspaper is on the roof
12. pool water temperature over 85 degrees
13. people in "my" chair at the pool, in my parking space at the grocery store, etc.
14. empty seats around you, but someone right in front of you at a baseball game - with long hair that hits your legs - that is on the phone the whole game - while chewing gum
15. toothaches, sunburns and bad backs
16. static on the radio
17. the dvr not recording your favorite show because it is raining
18. people that lie & bully
19. warm pop, beer and especially milk
20. those last 2 pieces of bread in the bag - and they're moldy
21. running out of gas
22. air conditioning goes out on the hottest day & a holiday
23. fishing and getting your line snagged in the trees - while everyone else catches fish
24. being asked off a roller coaster because you are a "person of size"
25. sneezing and snot comes out in front of someone else
26. swimming and you have snot hanging from your nose - the entire time
27. cheap razors
28. when you grill steaks for a change, and you over cook them
29. stickers that won't come off
30. bugs on your windshield
31. ants in your house
32. running over dog poop in your yard, while mowing
33. hearing thunder right as you get to the pool, then it clears up once you shower
34. you forget to charge your cell phone and you suddenly need it a lot
35. not paying attention while brushing your teeth and hitting your gums
36. when someone corrrects your misssspellllingg
37. sudoko 
38. when you run out of paint about when you're 97% done
39. ripping off a band-aid
40. finding a band-aid in the pool
41. horse flies, ticks and mosquitos
42. moldy fruit in the fridge
43. when your bra breaks as you are running the bases with an easy triple
44. robo callers
45. cat pee
46. skinned knees
47. you open your windows for the first time due to nice weather, and a skunk sprays nearby
48. when someone steals your ideas for their own
49. mean people
50. finding a really cool shell and then a wave sweeps it away before you can grab it