Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cats missing owners

Of our three kitties, usually only Flip greets us at the door. It might be because he hates the sound of the security system beeping and he's just glad we turn it off. Maybe not.

When we travel, we have cat sitters care for our crew. Pam (Auntie Pam) loves our cats as much as we do hers. All 3 adore her - mostly because she always has treats and gives them scritchies. Nell (Cuzin Nell, Pam's daughter) spends time hanging with them watching tv and homework. She is kind enough to sit on the floor, so she is very accessible for scritchies. Walter (he-that-over-feeds-us) is kind of scary - but as his name goes - he's pretty darn great.

Even with their special care givers, after 2 weeks we get a warm welcoming from all three. Not quite as vocal as this little one, but appreciative in their own ways.

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