Thursday, March 16, 2017

The right thing to do

Every year our neighborhood has an annual garage sale. This is the day our neighborhood becomes the Indy 500 and Black Friday. Seriously.

It's a day I dislike. And this last year's was the worst. 

I was enjoying a quiet morning and was asked by a friend if there were any furniture deals. So instead of enjoying my coffee on the screened in porch, I jumped in my Jeep to scan the hood. I admit, I was curious to see how many neighbors were participating - as participation has decreased significantly. I grabbed my coffee, phone and purse. I was wearing cruddy shorts and a shirt I had slept in - and dumpy old flip flops. No shower, too - as it was a beautiful day and was going to hit the pool later.

While driving, I noticed cars were double and triple parked, on the wrong side of the road and running stop signs.

I don't know why, but happened to look at at the only open "spot" for a car in the street. I thought I saw a sock or something in the spot - away from the curb. But it wasn't a sock - it was a lifeless kitten. And a van was coming and trying to park in the spot. And possible over or worse, on the kitten.

I jumped out of my Jeep to help the kitten. I remembering thinking to myself, "what are you getting yourself into?", but jumped out any way. I left my Jeep in the street and towards the kitten.

But before I could pick it up, I watched a boy go up to it and KICK the kitten “it’s practically dead, any way”. The boy was with his mother, who had an issue with me yelling at her kid. Of course, no issues with her kid KICKING a kitten. I swooped up the kitten and asked if the kitten belonged to anyone there. Desperate for help, I yelled to the people buying and selling at the garage sales. And neighbors turned their backs – literally.

By now, I was blocking traffic for the garage sales. I jumped in my Jeep and a car came at me, honking to back up, and out of their way. I was so full of emotions at this time, I could have lifted that car like the Hulk. By now, I've had it with jerk people. I jumped out, with the kitten - and yelled at the guy driving. He was clueless but figured the wrath of a crazy lady holding a very small kitten wasn't worth the argument.

So I now have this little kitten at my chest and he's not looking OK. And all of my animal lover friends are gone - no one was home to help, including my husband. He was biking and luckily had his phone. I frantically called him for help. We thought it was best to take the little guy to a vet that was close by for help. But things got worse.

I've never been to this vet. I'm wearing dumpy clothes and I'm emotionally a wreck. The waiting room was full of people and their pets and no one would help me. Finally, someone from the vet came by and I told her my situation. She wanted me to fill out papers and just didn't give a damn that I was holding a very sick kitten that has been kicked. I gave her my ID and my credit card and begged her to take the kitten for some help. An older lady next to me told me I could go ahead of her dog's appointment. I said I just needed them to help me and it wasn't my kitten. She then offered me a $20 to help. I declined her help and thanked her for her kindness. I said it wasn't the money, I just needed help looking after the kitten. The vet tech came back with the kitten suddenly. I just knew I was going to have him put down. Nope. She said it was a girl and she was fine, just dirty and skinny. I told them it wasn't mine and didn't know what to do. They suggested a humane society in the next county. So I left, calling my husband again, and started on my long drive to a humane society that I didn't even know their location.

My husband pleaded with them to help, as they don't take surrenders on weekends - and certainly not from people out of county. The kind lady finally gave in - so I drove there holding the kitten to my chest the entire time.

When I arrived, I was told to not bring the kitten inside. I was asked to drive around the back for the surrender. A volunteer vet tech took my kitten and was shocked it was so little. I told her the story and she promised me she would do what she could.

I went back to the front office. I knew other organizations charge to surrender animals - and I was not charged. The right thing to do was to make a donation.

I was in the waiting room along with a family. They obviously were adopting a small animal. I asked the young girl if it was a kitty and her mom said she had saved her money during the summer to get her own kitten. They were handling their paperwork and the girl had cash in her hand. So it hit me.

I told them I wanted to pay for her adoption. I told them this humane society helped me today. And that a boy had kicked the kitten. You know what the young girl did? She donated her money for MY kitten that I had just surrendered. 

I drove home a mess. Sad for the kitten. Mad at that boy, neighbors and the vet. Grateful that the humane society helped. And impressed that a girl paid to sponsor my kitten. I hope that little kitten makes it and gets a protector like that young girl soon.

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